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Wanna know about Tiki Tom Toms?!

Singer/songwriter/guitarist Matt Burmeister is the creative force behind this group.    With several charting singles and a couple of #1 hits on Trop Rock radio, the always family friendly TIKI TOM TOMS & THE PINEAPPLE BEACH PARTY can make your next event like your own personal island getaway.  


Palm trees...GOT EM!.....surfing...GOT IT!....limbo contest....GOT IT and more!!  So put on your loudest hawaiian shirt, break out the grass skirts and slip into those flip flops because we're bringing our tropical island experience to you!  We can accomodate many different events from patios to block parties to corporate events and beyond.  You tell us where and when you want to escape to the islands...we'll bring the party!

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